Dream Team

  1. Kids Ministry
    Be a part of shaping the next generation by engaging kids with the Gospel to help them build their faith. Work directly with children through Bible stories, songs and group activities or work behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for both kids and parents.
  2. Tech Team
    Help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Operate cameras, lights, screens, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage. No experience required.
  3. Worship
    Every weekend, our church is led by talented and committed musicians who make up our worship team. This team serves the mission of our church by creating an atmosphere that helps people experience God’s presence.
  4. Hospitality
    Makes coffee and sets out snacks. Hospitality Team Members foster a warm and inviting atmosphere. Provide newcomers to the church a meaningful and personal interaction, and help to connect them to the life and mission of the church.
  5. Greeting Team
    Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive. Welcomes families and checks kids into classrooms.
  6. Prayer Team
    Pray for services, missionaries, prayer requests during services.
  7. Event Planning
    Helps in preparation and during events by gathering supplies, serving meals, cleaning up, communication, check in, and other miscellaneous tasks throughout the event.
  8. Youth/Young Adult
    Disciple the youth and young adults into a personal relationship with God in both large group and smaller relational environments. Grow the youth ministry by creating attractive and compelling environment.
  9. Ushering Team
    Collect and secure the tithes and offering during services.

If Interested...

Please contact us at
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